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Never LOSE your hard-earned money!!!

Times change. So do we NEED TO.

The basis of learning is to unlearn first. When we say “we don’t know”, that’s the perfect time we hit the learning button as a student. If we don’t change with time, time will change us. The terms-  new ideas, concepts, new ventures, new thing to start, new business, etc are not new. What is new basically, in lot of cases, is the way we do a work or job e.g. we used to go to restaurants and order food but today we click and order.

A big number of the businesses e.g. Nokia, and other such examples have seen sudden drastic overnight fall of the grand market share they were enjoying, all because of the hesitation in taking decisions for changing with time.

How to find the right people in life?

Kepp asking friends, families, business associates, partners, new people you come across and work with about What they do?, How they do what they do?, their experience? their background? how they can help you achieve your goals in life? Also see how these all people are good in delivering their promises thru all indicators of life you know.

We don’t have 1000 years to act.

Life is short. Increasing competition, and running for money in the rat race is never ending. Life is quite challenging these days. Life gives you opportunities, chances, indications etc. Try to recognise these patterns of life. Catch hold of the right people at the right time

Catch hold of the best people around you before they are gone!

Life won’t give you many chances. Act fast before time is gone. Everything is to be done urgent today. There is no tomorrow!

Where to invest?

In India, 70% of the people lose their hard earned money in ventures they don’t have an inclination about- reason being high perceived earning, rosy future growth, mountain size promises, etc.

The above question remains unsolved. The solution is inside you.

Why NOT to invest in new ideas?

It’s not easy to find an idea which will work like that. A start-up needs to succeed on following merits:


Not all startups pass that test! If you have one, YOU’RE LUCKY!
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